The Colt 1851 revolver is a classic piece of American history that has been widely praised for its craftsmanship and accuracy. One aspect of the Colt 1851 that has intrigued many gun enthusiasts is the availability of a silver plated trigger guard. This article will explore the history of the Colt 1851 and examine whether or not it actually had a silver plated trigger guard.

The Unique Design of the Colt 1851’s Trigger Guard: A Closer Look

The Colt 1851 is a classic revolver from the 19th century and its unique trigger guard design is a key part of its appeal. The trigger guard is a small curved piece of metal that wraps around the trigger and prevents accidental discharge. It also provides a comfortable and secure grip for the shooter.

The design of the trigger guard is distinctive in that it is shaped in a circle with a flat bottom and is slightly wider than other models. This design allows for greater control over the trigger during firing and prevents the shooter from accidentally firing the gun.

Additionally, the curved shape keeps the trigger from snagging on clothing or equipment. The trigger guard also serves to protect the trigger from dirt and debris. This is particularly important for a revolver like the Colt 1851, which was used by soldiers in the American Civil War. The design of the trigger guard is a testament to the quality of the Colt 1851 and its ability to stand the test of time.

The Value of Silver Plating on the Colt 1851 Trigger Guard

Silver plating on the Colt 1851 trigger guard was a popular option in the 19th century and is still present on the majority of Colt revolvers that have survived to the present day. The silver plating provided a number of benefits for the shooter including corrosion resistance, improved grip, and improved aesthetics.

Silver plating offered a layer of protection from the elements and made the gun easier to handle and maintain. The silver plating also gave the Colt a more luxurious and polished look, making it more desirable to collectors and shooters alike.

While the silver plating does not necessarily affect the performance of the gun, it does add a level of style and sophistication that many collectors appreciate. The silver plating is also an important part of the gun’s history, as it was an important part of 19th century gunsmithing and Colt’s history.

The Advantages of a Silver Plated Trigger Guard on the Colt 1851

The Colt 1851 is a classic revolver that was first introduced in 1850 and is still popular today. Colt 1851 is a six-shot revolver that uses a single action mechanism and is chambered in .36 caliber. The Colt 1851 is reliable and accurate, but one of the main advantages of the Colt 1851 is its silver plated trigger guard.

The silver plated trigger guard on the Colt 1851 offers several advantages to the shooter. First, it provides a level of protection for the shooter’s finger from the sharp edges of the trigger. The silver plating also prevents wear and tear on the trigger guard itself. In addition, the silver plating adds a level of aesthetic appeal to the Colt 1851, making it look more attractive and stylish.

Finally, the silver plated trigger guard can help protect the internal components of the Colt 1851 from corrosion and wear. The silver plating acts as a barrier against moisture and other environmental factors that could cause damage to the internal parts of the revolver. This can help extend the life of the Colt 1851 and keep it in good working condition for years to come.

Customizing Your Colt 1851 with Silver Plating on the Trigger Guard

The Colt 1851 is an iconic piece of gunsmithing, and customizing it with silver plating on the trigger guard is an excellent way to give it a unique and eye-catching look. Silver plating can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to an already beautiful firearm. The process of silver plating the trigger guard of a Colt 1851 is fairly simple and straightforward.

The first step is to remove the trigger guard from the gun. Once the trigger guard has been removed, the next step is to clean the area to be plated with a mild solvent and a soft cloth. This will help ensure that any dirt or debris is removed from the trigger guard before silver plating is applied. After the area has been cleaned, the next step is to apply a thin layer of silver plating to the trigger guard.

Once the silver plating has been applied, it should be left to dry for several hours. Finally, the trigger guard should be reattached to the gun and the gun should be given a final cleaning to remove any remaining residue from the silver plating. With a little bit of time and effort, anyone can give their Colt 1851 a truly unique and stylish look with the addition of silver plating on the trigger guard.

Caring for and Maintaining your Colt 1851 with Silver Plated Trigger Guard

The Colt 1851 with Silver Plated Trigger Guard is a classic firearm, and one that many collectors and shooters have in their collections. Proper care and maintenance is essential to keep it in good working order.

The first step in maintaining the Colt 1851 is to regularly clean and lubricate it. This will help keep the metal parts from rusting and ensure that the gun operates smoothly. A light oil should be applied to the metal parts, and a soft cloth used to wipe away any dirt or debris.

After cleaning, the Colt 1851 should be stored in a safe place, preferably in a climate-controlled location. This will keep the gun from getting too hot or too cold and help prevent rusting. The trigger guard should also be inspected for wear or damage. If the silver plating is wearing off, it should be polished to maintain the original look and finish.

Inspections should be made of the gun at least once a year, or more often if it is regularly used. This will help identify any potential problems and allow them to be fixed before they become serious. Any worn or damaged parts should be replaced as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

What is the Colt 1851?

The Colt 1851 is a .36 caliber cap and ball revolver produced by the American firearms manufacturer Colt Manufacturing Company from 1850 to 1873. It was considered to be one of the most popular and widely-used handguns of the mid-19th century.

What is a trigger guard?

A trigger guard is a guard that surrounds the trigger of a firearm and serves to protect the trigger from accidental firing. It also helps to prevent the user from having their finger on the trigger while drawing or reholstering the firearm.

Did the Colt 1851 have a silver-plated trigger guard?

Yes, the Colt 1851 was available with a silver-plated trigger guard. This was part of the “Deluxe” model of the 1851 and was available for purchase for an additional fee.

Was the silver-plated trigger guard an optional upgrade?

Yes, the silver-plated trigger guard was an optional upgrade for the Colt 1851. This upgrade was available for an additional fee.

What are the advantages of having a silver-plated trigger guard on the Colt 1851?

A silver-plated trigger guard on the Colt 1851 provides an aesthetically pleasing and durable finish. It also helps to protect the trigger from corrosion and wear, which is especially important if the gun is used in wet or humid conditions.


The Colt 1851 was a popular handgun for its time, and it had many features that made it stand out from other models. One of these features was the silver-plated trigger guard, which was a unique addition to the design. This feature was likely a way to add a level of sophistication and luxury to the model, and it is a distinguishing feature that can help identify the Colt 1851 today.

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